Installing Modules

All modules first require Trodes to be compiled, follow Trodes Install instructions.

Camera Module

Camera module processes video (USB/Vision GigE) to save and reconstruct an animal’s position.

Required packages (Ubuntu 14.04):

  • libavcodec-dev

  • libavformat-dev

  • libswscale-dev

  • libx264-dev

  • libbz2-dev

Required for Vision GigE (file is in trodes Git repository):

  • sudo cp Modules/cameraModule/libraries/linux/GigESDK/bin-pc/ /usr/local/lib

    • Deprecated, only if you want to try Aravis (open source VisionGigE library):

  • intltool

  • libglib-dev

  • libxml2-dev

  • libgstreamer1.0-dev

  • libgstreamer-plugin-base1.0-dev

  • libgtk-3-dev

  • libnotify-dev]